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Our law office has compiled a list of resources for revoked drivers that are learning about Illinois drivers license reinstatement hearings.  We have listed the hearing locations for both formal and informal hearings, as well as provided links to the most commonly used forms at Illinois Secretary of State hearings.

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Office of the Secretary of State - Chicago

Department of Administrative Hearings

17 North State Street, Suite 1200

Chicago, Illinois 60602


Office of the Secretary of State - Joliet

Department of Administrative Hearings

54 North Ottawa Street, Fourth Floor

Joliet, Illinois 60432




A formal hearing is required for a driver whose driving privileges have been suspended or revoked for multiple DUI dispositions, DUIs involving a Type A injury accident or in cases where an offense involved a fatality during the operation of a motor vehicle.


An applicant for a formal hearing must pay a $50.00 filing fee at the time of filing for a hearing. If the applicant is represented by an attorney for a formal hearing, their attorney may file for the hearing on their behalf.  The applicant, as well as their attorney who files on their behalf, will be notified of the hearing date by either regular mail or email.

A formal hearing request must be made in writing through the U.S. mail.  The Illinois Secretary of State holds formal hearings at four locations in the state:  Chicago, Joliet, Springfield and Mount Vernon.  The addresses for each location are listed below.

Office of the Secretary of State – Springfield

Department of Administrative Hearings

Howlett Building, Room 212

Springfield, Illinois 62756


Office of the Secretary of State – Mount Vernon

Department of Administrative Hearings

218 S. 12th Street

Mount Vernon, Illinois 62864



An informal hearing is required for a person whose driving privileges have been suspended or revoked for a single DUI disposition (excluding reckless homicides and Type A injury accidents) and lesser moving violations and offenses.  Informal hearing officers may also grant driving relief in cases involving use of a fake ID, a felony involving a motor vehicle and/or an out-of-state DUI refusal suspension.    


The Illinois Secretary of State holds informal hearings on a walk-in basis at many DMV locations throughout the state.  To find an informal hearing officer, you can visit the List of Hearing Officer Locations. An applicant should call in advance, whenever possible, to ensure an informal hearing officer is present before showing up for an informal hearing.  An informal hearing officer may be temporarily assigned to a different location, maintain specific hours or have taken the day off work.

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Formal Hearing Request – This form is used to request a formal hearing with the Illinois Secretary of State.  If an applicant has retained the services of an attorney, they should verify with their attorney whether they have already filed for a hearing before submitting this form. 


A formal hearing request should be mailed to the Illinois Secretary of State location where an applicant for driving privleges desires to have their hearing.  A hearing request should include the $50.00 filing fee.

Illinois Secretary of State Medical Report  - This form is used when the Secretary of State requires the opinion from an applicant’s doctor that they are medically safe to drive a vehicle while taking specific medication and/or being treated for a specific medical condition.

For both formal and informal hearings, we strongly recommend that applicants hire an experienced attorney for the Secretary of State hearing process.  The Secretary of State maintains copies of all documents submitted at a hearing.  They also keep a record of the statements made at prior hearings and their written decisions.  It is always advisable to prepare for a hearing in advance so that you do not need to correct misstatements or document errors at future hearings.

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Request to Obtain Prior Hearing Records – This form is used to request the prior documents and evidence, as well as your decision(s), from any prior hearing with the Illinois Secretary of State.  The Secretary of State will not provide sworn reports in response to this request.  Sworn reports must be requested through the Support Services Division in Springfield.

SR-22 Waiver for Out-of-State Residents – Upon reinstatement / clearance of an Illinois hold on an out-of-state applicant’s driving privileges, the Secretary of State may request the completion of this form to waive the requirement that a person carry SR-22 insurance when obtaining a license in their home state.


Character/Abstinence Letters – When required, the Secretary of State will require submission of character/abstinence letters, depending on an applicant’s classification in their evaluation.  Letters can be submitted on this form.


Support Program Letters – When required, the Illinois Secretary of State will ask an applicant to submit support program letters who is assessed as a High Risk, Dependent.  This form is used for traditional support programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (“AA”).  The Secretary of State has created a form for the submission of these letters.


Non-Traditional Support Program Letters and Cover Letter.  If an applicant is using a non-traditional support program, such as family and friends, and is required to show they have support for their recovery, they must submit non-traditional support letters.  In this case, the applicant must also submit a “Cover Letter” on their behalf to explain their nontraditional program.

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The information on this site is not intended as legal advice and does not create an Attorney/Client relationship.  Every case is different.  A person should consult with an experienced attorney before making legal decisions.



Administrative Hearings - Chicago:  (312) 793-4964

Administrative Hearings - Joliet:  (815) 740-7171

Administrative Hearings - Springfield:  (217) 782-7065

Payment of Reinstatement Fees:  (217) 782-6212 

BAIID Division:  (217) 524-0660

Medical Review Division:  (217) 782-7246

SR-22 / Financial Responsibility Unit:  (217) 782-3720

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