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“Jennifer is a top player in her field. She is very friendly and knew exactly how to handle my revoked license. We won at my first hearing. Today, I’m driving because of Jennifer. Trust her advice. She knows the Secretary of State hearing process from start to finish and walks you through every step of it. I recommend her to anyone with a revoked drivers license. Thank you, Jennifer! I could not have done this without you.” – Avvo Review

Under the Illinois Vehicle Code, there are roughly fifty different reasons to revoke a driver’s license. The reasons for revocation of a license can involve criminal, traffic, and administrative law. 

It is critical that a driver’s license revocation attorney understand many areas of law to effectively represent a client. Some clients face a license revocation for driving under the influence (DUI), while others are revoked for multiple traffic tickets, illegal transportation of alcohol, or committing any felony where a motor vehicle was used as part of the commission of the offense.


The Secretary of State may also revoke or suspend for misuse of a driver’s license, identification card, or permit. A common reason for revocation is possessing, displaying, or attempting to fradulently use any license, identification card, or permit. This occurs relatively often when persons under 21 years of age attempt to use a fake ID to obtain alcohol or gain entry to age-restricted establishments.


Our practice focuses exclusively on obtaining driving permits and driver’s licenses for clients, as well as clearing Illinois license holds for out-of-state residents. Although this involves knowing multiple areas of law, we represent clients exclusively in Secretary of State hearings for criminal and traffic offenses. Find out more about our services relating to license reinstatement by clicking the area of practice that applies to a specific license suspension or revocation above.

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