For nearly two decades, our law practice has been defending revoked drivers at Illinois Secretary of State hearings to restore driving privileges.

Jennifer Wirth - Attorney at Law


"Jennifer not only expertly managed my case, but has also offered advice on managing its short and long-term implications. She is unfailingly positive, straightforward, and responsive: I couldn't have gotten through it without her and can't recommend her highly enough!"  MC, Former Client.  Avvo Review.

"There is no better attorney for getting your license reinstated. She's invested, knowledgeable and experienced. She has an exceptional understanding of the Secretary of State rules, procedures and loopholes. I refer everyone I know and she's come through for all of them!"- Olivia, Former Client.  Avvo Review.

"Jennifer Wirth was invaluable in helping me through the process of obtaining full reinstatement of my driving privileges following a second DUI. She genuinely cared, was an excellent communicator, made herself readily available, and went the extra mile in every way possible." -Dave, Former Client.  Avvo Review.

Desert Road

​​A Positive Approach to License Reinstatement Hearings with the Secretary of State.

Car Sound System

A review of mandatory and discretionary drivers license revocations/suspensions.

Carefree Drive

A general overview of the Secretary of State hearing process.

Car Keys

A guide for the Lawful Purpose Permit for revoked Illinois drivers.   .​​


For nearly two decades, I have been representing clients at Secretary of State hearings to request the reinstatement of their Illinois driving privileges.  


It is my firm belief that a Secretary of State hearing for drivers license reinstatement should be a positive legal proceeding if you have generally improved your lifestyle and you have an experienced defense attorney to present your case.


During consultations, I have had many clients come to me with worries about the process, and sometimes, downright fear of the Secretary of State.  You may have attended a hearing alone in the past that resulted in a bad experience.  As a result, many clients have concerns that the Secretary of State will interrogate or demean them during the proceedings. 


This has not been my experience, nor should it be yours.


As an attorney that regularly defends revoked drivers at these hearings, I have found these hearings to be pleasant and respectful proceedings over many years of doing them.  In fact, over 95 percent of my clients have received driving privileges at their first hearing with my office in the past decade.


My practice focuses solely on DUI defense and Illinois Secretary of State hearings.  If you would like to call us at 312.461.0400, I am happy to provide you with a free consultation to discuss the facts of your case.