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Our office focuses exclusively on representing suspended and revoked Illinois drivers at license reinstatement hearings with the Secretary of State. With over two decades of experience, Attorney Jennifer Wirth has helped thousands of suspended and revoked drivers get back on the road with a valid driver’s license. Over 95 percent of clients obtain driving privileges on their first hearing with our office.

When retaining a driver’s license reinstatment attorney, many potential clients worry about the cost of legal services. Depending on the reason for suspension or revocation, the cost of legal services can range from hundreds to a few thousand dollars. It obviously costs less to vacate an old traffic ticket than it does to reinstate a license after a DUI or reckless homicide charge. We strongly encourage revoked drivers to contact us for a free consultation to obtain a fee quote that is detailed to their specific case.

We offer many pricing options that are favorable to clients, such as flat rates and payment plans through Affirm. When compared to overall market rates, most clients find our legal fees to be affordable and reasonable. We encourage prospective clients to consult with multiple attorneys prior to hiring a driver’s license reinstatement lawyer. This not only helps potential clients understand the general market rate for an experienced attorney in the field, but also, it helps them find the lawyer that best fits their personality and legal goals.

Our Flat-Rate System

Many driver’s license attorneys offer flat rates for driver’s license reinstatement representation. A “flat rate” can mean many things, depending on the context. Some license revocation attorneys may offer a single fee for all work required for one hearing, while another attorney may charge a flat rate for unlimited hearings until some form of driving privileges are obtained. Other attorneys may charge a flat rate until full licensing is obtained.

We provide a flat-rate fee quote for our legal services during our free consultation. We do not charge per hearing, but instead, per result. With a few exceptions, our flat rate includes legal representation until some form of driving privileges are received by the client, which can be in the form of a permit or reinstatement. A client’s eligibility can affect the ultimate form of driving relief, as well as the Secretary of State’s discretion to issue a permit as a probationary device in lieu of full reinstatement.

Our flat-rate fee quote includes all the work we do on a case, such as ordering records, filing for the hearing, preparing questions, editing documents, testimony reviews with clients, and representation at the ultimate hearing. We do not delegate work to our client. Our clients should be focused on their evaluation, completion of any necessary treatment, and their testimony. They should not be burdened with obtaining records, filing the case or reviewing the Secretary of State standards for evaluations or other documents.  

Finally, our flat rate protects clients from paying additional legal fees if they have lost their case after cooperating with the representation and following our advice. Although our office has a high success rate, no lawyer can ethically guarantee the outcome of a case. Our flat fee ensures that we stand by our clients through the process of obtaining some form of driving privileges so long as their conduct did not prevent a successful hearing, such as failure to disclose a DUI. All terms for the flat rate are outlined in our written engagement agreement to avoid any confusion.  

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

In the modern world, most lawyers should be willing to accept many forms of payment. We recognize that legal fees are often unexpected and are a major expense to most people.

Our office offers many forms of payment, such as all major credit cards, Zelle, checks, money orders, in-person cash payments, as well as payment plans through Affirm. To learn more about payment plans through Affirm, please click here.

Do I Need an Attorney for My License Reinstatement Hearing?

It is a personal decision on whether a client hires a driver’s license reinstatement attorney. However, we strongly encourage every person to consult with an experienced driver’s license attorney before attending a Secretary of State hearing. These are adversarial legal proceedings and the evidence presented at your prior hearing(s) can be used against you at future hearings.

We have had many clients who tried to attend a hearing on their own and were denied in the past. We handle cases after denial, but a denial typically increases the cost to defend against it at the next hearing. The best defense is a strong offense, which means attending the hearing with an attorney that is experienced at handling driver’s license reinstatement proceedings.

How Do I Choose the Best License Reinstatement Attorney?

We recommend consulting with multiple driver’s license reinstatement attorneys before making your final decision. Clients should be particularly critical of the amount of experience that the attorney has with license revocation hearings, as well as if the attorney focuses their practice on driver’s license reinstatement.

We strongly encourage prospective clients to read the reviews of each attorney on Google and Avvo. If an attorney claims to have experience in this field, look at older reviews to ensure their clients are reviewing legal services for driver’s license reinstatement, rather than some other form of practice, such as estates, divorce, etc. If an attorney has consistently been representing revoked drivers, older reviews should reflect their long-term commitment to this area of practice.

Finally, all clients should recognize that law is a customer service industry. Even if you don’t choose our firm, pick an experienced license reinstatement attorney that is kind, respectful, and responsive to your concerns. A client shouldn’t be afraid to call their lawyer or ask them questions. A good attorney can also be a good person – we do not need to be adversarial with our clients to be effective advocates in legal proceedings.

For a free consultation on license reinstatement, please feel free to call our office at (312) 761-8290 or email us directly at jennifer@wirthlaw.org.

No content on this site should be construed as legal advice nor does this site create an attorney-client relationship. A person should consult with a qualified attorney before making any legal decisions.

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