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“Jennifer is a top player in her field. She is very friendly and knew exactly how to handle my revoked license. We won at my first hearing. Today, I’m driving because of Jennifer. Trust her advice. She knows the Secretary of State hearing process from start to finish and walks you through every step of it. I recommend her to anyone with a revoked drivers license. Thank you, Jennifer! I could not have done this without you.” – Avvo Review

Many of our clients that require a DUI-related driver’s license reinstatement hearing have other significant traffic tickets, such as driving on a suspended or revoked license, illegal transportation of alcohol, or a prior revocation or suspension of their license for too many moving violations in a given period.


Our office addresses all traffic ticket suspension and revocation issues at a driver’s license revocation hearing. We do not charge extra fees for a hearing if a client is revoked or suspended for multiple reasons – Our goal is to get you back on the road and clear all holds on your license.


As part of this process, we may recommend a Defensive Driving Course to help prove that you are likely to be a safe driver in the future. The defensive driving course can be taken online or in-person. After successfully completing the traffic course, you will be provided with a Certificate of Completion to present to the Secretary of State as part of your overall case.

In cases where a traffic ticket suspension does not require a hearing (or will end before a hearing can take place), we recommend checking to see if there is a reinstatement fee to end the suspension. If a suspension or revocation has an outstanding reinstatement fee, a driver’s license will remain suspended/revoked until the fee is paid.

To find out if there are any open traffic ticket suspensions or unpaid reinstatement fees on your record, we recommend obtaining a court purposes driving abstract. This can be done online in many cases. A driving record can also be obtained through the mail or by visiting any driver’s services facility

Our office provides free consultations, and we are happy to review a driving record to determine if there are any open suspensions, revocations, or unpaid reinstatement fees. You can call us at (312) 761-8290 or email us at  

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