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“She’s always happy and just keeps moving. Being around her, you just feel confident that things are going to get done. She’s not the type of person that quits or lets you quit. It feels like you hired a friend to go to bat for you. I hired her after being revoked for DUIs and I am now driving again after my first hearing with her. I did everything she told me to do and she was right. The hearing was just like she said it would go. I wish I had found her sooner in life. She was a complete blessing."

Mark, Former Client.  Source:  Avvo Review

“Jennifer was an innovative, out of the box thinker when it came to handling my case... Jennifer is detail oriented and has a keen eye that misses nothing ... I just don't believe my final outcome could have turned out any better with legal representation from anyone else.  Jennifer was so punctual when returning calls and meeting with me I could set my watch by her." 

-J.D., Former Client. 
Source: Avvo Review.

"Jennifer is very personable and able to put people at ease dealing with tense court situations. She knows how to work the people in the courtroom which is it's own show that's worth paying to see. She takes an honest approach with her clients and what can be done. She's trustworthy. Cares about her clients and her work.”

-M.M., Former Client. 
Source: Google

“Jennifer is an incredible attorney and wonderful person. I was without driving privileges for almost 30 years and she guided me through the process and I was able to have my driving privileges restored! Unrestricted! She's worth double what she charges! Best attorney I've ever hired.”

-P.B., Former Client. 
Source: Google

“Before meeting Jennifer, I had the stereotypical thoughts about lawyers. Jennifer Wirth was none of those. She was honest, fair, and definitely went the extra mile for me.   Jennifer Wirth is the very BEST at what she does. If you are in the process of getting your license back there is no better choice than Jennifer Wirth."

-T.P., Former Client. 
Source: Google

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