Should I just try the first hearing on my own and get an attorney if it doesn't work out? 


Petitioners should not gamble with their chances of success. As a result of the "automatic denial" myth, many applicants consider trying their first hearing without an attorney, and then, if they are denied, hiring a qualified attorney for their second hearing.


This is a self-defeating tactic since the Secretary of State retains records of your statements and the documents that you submitted at the first hearing.  At the second hearing, applicants may encounter creating credibility issues if they attempt to correct any inaccuracies or document errors that existed from the first hearing.


It is always best to start the hearing process with a strong foundation. When attending your first hearing, you should have trained legal counsel review your documents to ensure that they meet Secretary of State standards to avoid being haunted by any errors in your initial evaluation or treatment records at future hearings. Although you will have the opportunity to address the reasons for denial at your second hearing, it is always best to avoid these problems by ensuring that your records and testimony are accurate from the start.

License Reinstatement Hearings

with the Illinois Secretary of State