Does "Reinstatement Eligibilty" mean that I will automatically receive my license back on that date? 


No. Often, prospective clients contact our office after they have attended a previous hearing without an attorney and have been denied their driving privileges. During the consultation, many people comment that they were surprised by how serious the process was, and, had they know prior to attending the hearing, they would hired an attorney to represent them.


It is a very common mistake of revoked drivers to believe that "reinstatement eligibility" means that you will automatically have your drivers license reinstated if you have completed all of the technical requirements to attend a hearing. This is understandable, but not accurate. "Reinstatement Eligibility" simply refers to the first calendar date that a Petitioner is eligible to request full reinstatement of their drivers license at a Secretary of State hearing.

License Reinstatement Hearings

with the Illinois Secretary of State