• Attorney Jennifer Wirth

Online Support for recovery during coronavirus

During the coronavirus social isolation period, we want to ensure that those who are in recovery, as well as their loved ones, have online resources to ensure they maintain support if they are unable to attend an in-person support group.

In addition to communicating with members of their chosen support group, we encourage sober persons, as well as their loved ones, to utilize online support groups if they are unable to leave their home.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has compiled a list of online support groups that they graciously shared with our office so we could better assist our clients who are in recovery. We have attached their list for guidance to help persons locate online support. Please see link here: https://www.frontlinelegal.com/online-support-programs-for-recover

At our office, we commend the hard work and dedication that persons have invested in getting and staying sober. It has been said, “There is no person walking the face of the earth who demonstrates more courage, dignity, honesty and integrity on a daily basis than an addict in recovery.”

We agree.

Keep going.

If you are a client of our office and you need any help during this period, please contact us at 312.461.0400. We are here to help however we can, whether you need basic food for your family or simply a moment to talk and know that you are not alone.