"What specific services will you provide if I retain your legal services for my Illinois license reinstatement hearing?" 




Prior to retaining an attorney, a client should be clear on the purpose and scope of the representation. A client needs to determine what is included in the cost of the representation to ensure that they are receiving all of the services they expect from their attorney.


When consulting with an attorney for representation at a license reinstatement hearing, the client should gather as much information about the services to be provided for the cost. Basic questions include:


1.  Will you request my Secretary of State file?

2.  Will you obtain my DUI arrest information?


3.  Will you assist me in obtaining my treatment documents from my provider?


4.  Will you file the request for my hearing? If so, is the filing fee included in my cost?


5.  Will you review my treatment documents and drug/alcohol evaluation prior to the hearing date?


6.  Will you review any letters that I would like to submit at my hearing?


7.  Will I meet with you prior to the hearing date? If so, how often will we meet?


8.  Do you charge additional fees for phone calls and/or office meetings?


9.  Will you be personally be present on my hearing date?


10. Does my fee include additional hearings if I am denied driving privileges at this hearing?


Although these questions are not exhaustive, they provide a good framework for learning information about the legal services to be provided in exchange for the requested fees. Prior to attending any consultation, clients should also draft a list of questions to ask the attorney during the meeting that are specific to their case.