Wouldn't it be great to have a "Bill of Rights" from


every service provider you hire?  We thought so.



So we do it.




1. WE WILL PROMPTLY RESPOND TO YOUR TELEPHONE CALLS AND/OR TEXTS. It is office policy that any client phone call received during business hours will be returned on the same business day. Any phone call received outside of regular business hours will be returned by the end of the following business day.   Every client can call or text their attorney outside normal business hours in the event of an emergency.


2. WE WILL REMAIN IN FREQUENT CONTACT WITH EVERY CLIENT REGARDING THE STATUS OF THEIR CASE. At every stage of a client matter, our client is informed of the status of their case and is given an explanation of what we are doing to defend their case. If any events occur in the client's matter, the client is informed on the same business day that we learn of the development.


3. WE WILL NOT UNNECESSARILY DELAY YOUR CASE. Throughout the duration of the client's case, our office will work diligently to ensure that you are effectively represented in a timely manner.


4. WE DO NOT EMPLOY COVERAGE ATTORNEYS. Throughout your case, all matters in your case will be dealt with by the same attorney that you met with during your initial consultation.


5. WE CHARGE FLAT RATES FOR YOUR ENTIRE CASE. During your consultation appointment, you will be informed of the flat rate that we will charge for our legal services on your entire case. There are no additional, unexpected legal fees during the representation. We also accept Visa and Mastercard for client convenience.


6. WE FOCUS ON QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY. We do not run a "high volume" practice. It is our strong belief that every client should receive personal, prompt, and quality service from their attorney. To do so, we restrict the volume of our clients to ensure that every client we represent receives this standard of service.


7. WE THOROUGHLY EXPLAIN TO EACH CLIENT EVERY ASPECT OF THEIR CASE. We believe that a client cannot make informed decisions about their case unless if the legal issues and options in their case are explained to them in straightforward terms. We are happy to take as much time as is necessary for the client to understand all aspects of their case.


8. WE PROMISE TO BE HONEST WITH EVERY CLIENT ABOUT THEIR CASE. When speaking with your attorney, you will be given honest answers at all times.


9. WE BELIEVE THAT IT IS IMPORTANT TO LISTEN TO EVERY CLIENT. Clients are a very good resource in developing defenses and identifying legal issues because they usually have firsthand knowledge of facts that led the case. We promise to listen to every client's concerns and comments so that we can provide the most effective representation in their case.


10. WE PROMISE TO TREAT EVERY CLIENT WITH RESPECT AND DIGNITY. Every client is treated with respect and dignity throughout our representation. It is basic to providing an effective defense that every client feel comfortable discussing their case with their attorney. We believe that a good working relationship cannot exist without mutual respect.







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